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Professional Information and Testing Services is your source for polygraph testing in the states of Florida, Michigan and Ohio. Our lie detector (polygraph) tests are specifically designed to resolve issues dealing with fidelity, relationship issues, theft and business loss issues.

Court approved examiner, you simply will not find a more reliable and accurate polygraph test anywhere else.

Fidelity/Cheater Issue Testing
Is your relationship in a state of flux? Are you in doubt about what you’re being told by your spouse or partner?  Don’t let those suspicious text messages stress you out—? A polygraph test will help ease your concerns!

Court/Legal Issues

Testing for Felony & Misdemeanor Accusations

We have performed thousands of polygraph examinations for attorneys and individuals regarding aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, and sexual abuse involving children and adults.

Experience You Can Depend On.  Professional Information and Testing Services offers thorough exams that provide quality verbal and written results.  Since 1985 we have helped solved many criminal issues and have even saved/recovered tens of thousands of dollars for companies and individuals alike.

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