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Q: What is a lie detector test or polygraph?
A: “Poly” means many and “Graph” means writing. We monitor five parameters (many) of a persons physiology. The polygraph is not a machine. It is a scientific instrument that measures involuntary responses of electrodermal activity, heart rate, blood volume, and thoracic and abdominal breathing.

Q: How many questions are allowed?
A: We limit the number of questions you can ask to no more than 5. The reason for this is the latency effect. We do not want the person being tested to keep saying no or yes too many times. Such responses could easily skew the results

Q: How do I beat a lie detector test or polygraph test?
A: Don’t show up for the polygraph exam. The testing method we use is 97% accurate and 3% inconclusive (meaning that we cannot determine truth or deception).

There are many different opinions regarding whether or not it is possible to beat the polygraph. Some people who have failed the polygraph test have written articles discrediting the polygraph, stating that it is possible to beat the polygraph. These people, who do not fully understand how the polygraph works, try to advise others how to successfully beat it through the use of counteractive measures such as alcohol, medical drugs or self hypnosis.
Today, all existing countermeasures are well known to polygraph examiners. There are many ways to identify the attempts of using countermeasures during a polygraph test. In other words, a person who tries to use countermeasures during a polygraph test (or tries to beat the polygraph) will be readily identified by the examiner. It is always necessary to remember that a person who has nothing to hide will not try to use any countermeasures or any other actions to beat the polygraph during the examination.

Q: Does being nervous affect the polygraph test results?
A: If it did, no one would ever pass the test. Nervousness is constant throughout the test. Many nervous individuals pass the test. If you’re nervous and lying, that is a different situation.

Q: What are the training and qualifications of the examiner?
A: We are court-certified experts and graduates of American Polygraph Association-approved schools. We have been testing since 1985 and have performed thousands of quality polygraph exams. We have solved thousands of cases and recovered many thousands of dollars for our clients.

Q: How is the test performed?
A: Pre-Test Phase: Establish issue and design questions specific to your needs and explain how the polygraph works. The polygraph procedure is explained in detail.

Testing Phase: We measure and record involuntary responses based on the answers to the questions asked of you.

Post Test Phase: The polygrams (charts) are explained and the results are given to the examinee.

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